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The SGSITES URL-shortening Service

Welcome, Internet adventurer, welcome to the SGSITES URL-shortening service!

Here are a few words about this service: SGSITES uses the domains "" (mainly) and "" to shorten long URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). What makes them special? These domains are used ONLY for SGSITES products and services – this means that whenever you see a link with the "" or "" domain on- or offline, you can always be sure that it will take you securely to the SGSITES Network.

Especially for the "" domain, SGSITES Technologies takes advantage of the secure .BG infrastructure. The system is monitored on a daily basis and all URLs are validated with a secure mechanism. Also, the "" domain is accessible through the use of a secure SSL connection (HTTPS).

SGSITES does not currently offer a public shortening service, sorry about it!